The purpose of the model is, to not only foster cooperation between youth organisations in the Triax area, but to develop partnerships, across the North West and beyond, that work toward Cross Sectoral co-operation in order to share resources, combine our knowledge and develop the skills to innovate and improve our practice, thereby enhancing the life chances of our children and young people.

  1. The consultation process revealed a desire to move forward and identified key areas of support needed.

  2. Support organisations to develop practices that provide best outcomes for young people and advocate the sectors strengths.

  3. Give advice on areas of curriculum, finance, partnership, collaboration, engagement, reflection and interagency knowledge sharing.

  4. Provide a presence in communities to support individual organisations, showing leadership and empowering the sector to be innovative and grow.

  5. Support operational delivery on best practice models that enhances the workforce and ensures progression.

  6. Communication – Articulation of best practice, it’s outcomes and the impact the sector has on wider society.


Benefits of a New Model

·        Single point of contact to enable co-design with YWA and EA for each area

·        More sustainable voluntary sector models to align with Priorities for Youth

·        Faster crisis response through coordinated efforts

·        Cost savings from consolidated back office functions

·        Better consistency and standardisation in policies and procedures

·        Stronger support to organisations that are struggling to meet standards and acquire funding

·        Greater accountability and visibility between individual organisations and the broader community

·        More youth-centric model that enables organisations to collectively optimise outcomes

·        More efficient sharing of resources (facilities, personnel, etc.)

·        Better relationships across organisations through increased collaboration


Roles & Responsibilities

Within the new model, responsibilities are distributed to create benefits for the broader organisations

North West Advisory Board

·        Bring a wide community perspective to the codesign process

·        Act as liaisons to respective groups to ensure mutual benefits for youth work sector and the community

NW Management Team

       Senior practitioners and YWA Regional Support Organiser act as a support body for all affiliated Programmes/Centre’s, providing expertise, guidance, and support in the strategic decision making and approval process

       Affiliate groups contribute to Administrative staff to perform consolidated back-office administrative work for the centres

       Ensure that youth centre organisations and local community stakeholders have shared accountability in achieving outcomes

       Consolidate metrics and reports for satellites under per view

       Distribute standardised documents and templates for reporting, processes, policies

       Support satellite organisations through sharing resources and advocating on their behalf

       Communicate any issues and metrics upward

       Support local area goals with various targeted services

Benefits to the Education Authority

       Increases effectiveness to distribute funds to fit for purpose organisations

       Enables clear communications and more efficient crisis response due to single point of contact

Benefits to the Youth Work Alliance

       Creates more holistic view for YWA to know which organisations they need to provide more support

       Provides governance, consistent quality assurance and standardised tools/templates across organisations